Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Clenbuterol- The Bright Road To A Darker Health

Weight Loss
Clenbuterol, originally used for dilation of bronchial tubes, is a dietary supplement that claims to give ‘rapid weight losses. Another drug in the hoards of many that lures the naive masses who are either too busy or too lazy to go to the nearby gym. People choose it because in their hectic schedules and complete lack of knowledge regarding what-not-to-eat, they see a good prospect of healthy living; a sort of shortcut to fitness. However this bronchial tube dilator-cum-dietary supplement has been found guilty of not fulfilling the promises it made. There are many claims that Clenbuterol makes, but hardly anyone with some base to it. Studies have found out that instead if improving one’s health, Clenbuterol has gone on to deteriorate it on several grounds.

Clenbuterol can reportedly cause an enlargement of heart. Increase in the size of heart through physical workout is a totally different affair than the one caused due to drug intake and is entirely of unpredictable nature. Especially in women, heartbeats have become irregular frequently. Clenbuterol can have other effects like muscle spasms & nervousness. The symptoms/effects are sustained for several days because it is almost immediately absorbed by the body and retained for long.

The product claimed to increase the stamina and endurance of its users. These claims have been proved false by setting up various studies and experiments. This so-called endurance was found to last as long as the intake of Clenbuterol was continued. On stopping its consumption, this stamina seemed to withdraw itself from the individual’s body, thus biting on its own words. The endurance exercise proved too much for the regular consumers as they could not bear up with it. Taking these facts into account, it is evident that the effects shown by Clenbuterol are exactly the mirror image of the claims made by it and the purpose it ought to serve.

The Drug Enforcement Administration describes that the complaints of hypomania have commonly and petulantly been brought to surface, in the women who were constantly under the effect of Clenbuterol. The problems became as severe as addiction to the drug. Isolation of certain group of women from the drug has also reportedly created depression in them.

Many countries are illicitly using Clenbuterol as livestock growth-inducer. The drug leaves its residue in the body of the animals and if this residue carrying meat is eaten by men and women, they show flulike symptoms. The immediate effects that could be seen were fever, chill and nausea which continued to occur for almost a week.

    So, to all the people who wish for a desirable body or at least riddance from their excess flab, Clenbuterol is not the way you should be going. When, in the course of achieving a healthy body and mind you end up destroying it, u should know when to quit that course. If you are choosing a shortcut, choose it wisely. And the best advice would be to sweat a little in the gym, for no one has ever heard about the side effects of gym.


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