Monday, 22 October 2012

Facts of Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol pills
Clenbuterol originated in 1970’s  from  c(h)l(oro-) + (ph)en(yl) + but(yl) + er + -ol  enhances  the growth of muscle and is a type of steroid that cures the patients suffering from Asthma , problems occurring in respiration, and mostly in veterinary cure. But unfortunately athletes and celebrities use it in illegal way to increase the performance. The use of this drug has been deliberately made popular among the athletes to promote the burning of extra fat.

The standard slimming methods are either very slow or requires labor and patience.   Modern living standards, and to compete fast and high,  people  lack  the  motivation ,  will  power  and  satisfaction. Hence the greediness and impatience leads towards taking pills to overcome owning all material goals which are immaterial at last. Maximum in demand is Clenbuterol.  It gives the result very fast.

It works faster as athletes desire, by burning the extra fats and carbohydrates accumulated in the body. But this phenomenon is against the wish of the natural metabolic activity of the body, in eradicating the excess fat and undigested carbohydrates.  If taken for short time than it is advisable to certain extent, but prolonged use is very dangerous. It is very effective in weight loss and increasing performance but it is not a magic pill.

Several numbers of side effects are attached to it. It is not freely available in the market for reducing weight but as it is banned drug, athletes search for it in black market and sometimes indulge into scams. Further they also lack the proper knowledge of how to consume the drug. In modern living though everything comes in bright packaging but includes a heavy cost. Nothing is free as modern standard proverb says.

This drug interferes with natural stamina and energy of the person. It often leads to side effects. All athletes or persons who use it sooner or later succumbs to side effects of clenbuterol .The side effects of this pill is varied. Symptoms are same in both men and women.

Increased heart rate, overheating, sweating, tremors, nervousness palpitations etc. are some examples. These problems thicken the veins of the heart and muscles, increases blood pressure. As this drug works like a fire in the body, it burns the natural working which sometimes leads to failure of the heart.

Clenbuterol was originally introduced to cure the lungs problem and specially asthma. Hence it should be used for such ailments only. Further it is a banned drug mostly worldwide to use it as enhancement of performance and weight loss. In some places it is allowed for use on animals and on horses in particular. It is not good for human consumption. 

This drug further acts only for very short time. Extended use of the drug can lose ability to sustain through endurance exercises. Extensive use of this drug stops natural stamina of oneself, and when they stop using, its side effects takes the center stage. People don’t take corrective measures to this when they first start consuming it.

Before taking any drug to enhance performance or lose weight and to look slim and trim, one should always study the positive and negative sides of it. Life is not a synthetic race track where one has to constantly run to achieve goal and to become famous, but it is a garden where one has to walk and enjoy the love and fragrance of flowers to make life of individual and others beautiful.

It is highly beneficial to use balanced natural diets supported by healthy exercises to be fit and fine. Taking medicines and ultimately landing in hospitals is not a proper living.


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